Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet – Eat Only What Youre Told

The Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet, also known as the Grapefruit Diet, involves eating a prescribed list of foods at set times each day. Each meal includes either a half grapefruit or 4 oz. of grapefruit juice, hence the name. The Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet is not actually endorsed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but the name lives on.

Each day for breakfast, you will have black coffee or tea, the grapefruit, and bread with protein on the Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet. For instance, on one day, you have toast with peanut butter. On the second day, you have one egg and toast. On the final day, you have cheddar cheese and saltine crackers.

Lunch also includes protein with some veggies. For instance, on day one, you have ½ cup of tuna and 1 slice of toast. The second day, you have a cup of cottage cheese and 8 saltine crackers. The final day brings 1 boiled egg and toast.

Dinner is more substantial on the Mayo Clinic 3 day diet. Day 1 includes 3 oz. of lean turkey, 1 cup of green beans, 1 cup of carrots, 1 apple, and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. Day 2 is 2 beef franks, 1 cup of broccoli or cabbage, ½ cup of carrots, ½ banana, and ½ cup vanilla ice cream. Day 3 features 1 cup of tuna, 1 cup of carrots, 1 cup of cauliflower, 1 cup of melon, and ½ cup of ice cream.

Remember, that at every meal you add ½ grapefruit or 4 oz. of grapefruit juice.

Also, on the Mayo Clinic 3 day diet, you must drink at least 32 ounces of water a day. That is key to success on this plan.

Many people swear that you can lose 6 pounds in three days on this diet. There are numerous reasons why this works:

· It is extremely calorie restricted. Despite the presence of the ice cream, you are still only eating about 1200 calories a day on the Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet.
· You will be losing a good deal of water weight.
· It is not permanent weight loss. If you go back to your old ways of eating, you will gain the pounds right back.

So, what is the Mayo Clinic 3 day diet good for? Do you have an event or activity that you just have to look your best for coming up in just a few days? The program can get you into your skinny jeans in that amount of time. A wedding, reunion, or other big event is a good reason to try the plan.

You should know that while grapefruit is central to the Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet, the fruit has no proven “magical weight loss qualities.” It has not been shown to speed up metabolism.

But grapefruit does have 6 grams of fiber in half a fruit. That means that with 3 servings, you get 18 of the 25 grams of fiber needed daily. A diet high in fiber helps you to lose weight. Grapefruit juice, on the other hand, has no fiber.

So, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to lose 5 pounds in a very short period of time, turn to the Mayo Clinic 3 Day Diet.


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